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Phone Consultation:

Please email for rates and to set up a date & time for a phone consultation.


Duration: 1 hr.

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Boarding: For dominant dogs.

Boarding: For dogs that don't do well in a kennel environment.


Board & Train.


All boardings are scheduled separately. Please email for rates and availability.

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Behavioral Training:

Whether your dog needs obedience or aggression training, you are an important and intricate part of your dog's training and the key to your dog's success. 


With my help, we can set your dog's current mindset to a positive balanced state. If you're a new dog owner your dog should learn to be a follower and not a leader because it will naturally feel the need to be in the lead position.  


Duration: Training times will vary from dog to dog depending on age and intelligence level. 

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Temperament Test:

Prerequisite: Dog must have been seen by a veterinarian recently and have no medical conditions.  (Arthritis)


The dog must also have most or all of its vaccination. (Rabies) 


Duration: 1 hr.

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Choosing the right dog is an important decision and in-home assessments and introductions are a must to have a well-balanced dynamic in the home.  


Duration: 2 hrs.

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Travel Fee: 

Travel fees may apply if you live out of the San Fernando Valley area.

Payments: Square Is Accepted*

*Service charge may apply.

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